I receive no end of questions from an eager audience on YouTube and would-be video reviewer on how they can make their videos better. Since there are over a dozen videos teaching you how to build a better screen presence, not least by our very own Jon, I thought it would be useful to share a few tips and tricks I’ve learnt during my time on YouTube.


One of the most important things to take care of is the title of your video. Sticking to a defined structure helps for regular viewers to recognize your videos, as well as new viewers to pick out your content above others. For example, I like to use the following structure for titles.

Main Heading – Video Type e.g. White 16GB iPhone 3GS – Review

One tip we picked up from John Morabito at Winston Digital Marketing is about title stacking. Basically, the idea is that you can actually repeat your target keyword in your video title, and it actually helps where as with a SEO meta title, this would likely hurt your chances at ranking. For example, “Relieve Pain With CBD: How CBD Can Help Relieve Pain”.


The description for each video should be no loner than 140 characters. It’s not often that people read these, but they’re used for SEO within YouTube.

If you’re planning on including any links within the description, you should include these first, as they will then appear above the fold. This way there’s no need to click ‘more info’.


All relevant videos should be grouped together into a playlist, as this playlist grouping is then shown on the video page, adding yet more links to your videos from the watch page.

Series Pass

A series is a playlist of videos that are part of a continuing list of planned videos. Perfect for news videos and/or videos specific to a category. When possible, you should also activate playlists as a ‘Series’ as this will also add an additional tab to the watch page of those videos.


People have a tendency to swamp their videos with irrelevant tags, which ultimately makes their video irrelevant in the listings. Generally speaking, it’s safe to keep to a limit of 6-8 tags per video, making sure that the words you use are the most relevant to that particular videos content. Honing in on exactly the right keywords means that your videos will appear for associated searches, as appose to ones for “Paris Hilton, Hubba Hubba”


Video Overlays

Video Overlays

There are several types of overlays available as part of the YouTube control panel. When positioning overlays, it’s important to avoid overlapping with areas of the player that are intended for displaying in-video ads. The example below is a template that should be used as a template of the best size and position for overlays. The benefit of adding these overlays is that it allows your viewers to quickly and easily jump between videos.

So, by now you should be a YouTube wiz kid. Start putting some of your new found knowledge to use and lets see some vidoes!