Not to be outdone by Samsung and Huawei, Oppo also took the wraps off its own foldable phone at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain showing off some of the impressive tech it has been working with. Oppo vice president Brian Shen went on Weibo to show off the unnamed device that’s still in the prototype phase.

Regardless, that doesn’t mean we weren’t impressed with Oppo’s foldable phone. It looks very similar to the Huawei Mate X foldable phone with the curving display on the outside, unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold. It even has a similar hinge and the camera strip on the side as the Mate X. Oppo says that’s just a coincidence.

Shen revealed during the announcement that Oppo was set to unveil the foldable phone at MWC but cancelled the plan, saying “it wouldn’t have been meaningful” to show off the device. Interestingly, Shen confirmed something skeptics of foldable phones have been muttering for days: it doesn’t really enhance the user experience other that giving users a bigger display.

He went on to tease users that the phone might be mass produced depending on the tweets the post gets, but if Oppo wants to keep up with Samsung and Huawei, then it’s almost guaranteed the phone will get made.

Besides that, Oppo was light on details about the specs or cost of its foldable phone. We still don’t know when it’ll be available, though we’re crossing our fingers its sooner rather than later.