oppo patent

Oppo already offers some pretty unique smartphones, but the company could have something amazing planned for future devices. A new patent obtained by GSMArena reveals how the Chinese phone-maker plans to offer a truly edge-to-edge display with some clever new technology.

The patent describes a system using curved displays and a “special light guide structure” to create the illusion of a bezel-free design. The trick is to diffract light from the smartphone screen along the curved edge just above the actual device. That way it looks like a perfect flat image while the actual bezel remains hidden underneath.

It’s pretty exciting stuff, though whether Oppo can make this concept a reality remains to be seen. We’re also curious how well the technology actually works, and how much it might add to the cost of future smartphones. It could be a while before the company actually brings the device described here to market. GSMArena notes that the patent won’t be published for three to six more months, so at the very best we might see Oppo release its bezel-free handset near the end of 2015.