You may or may not have heard of Oppo, but its Find X is certainly making its name known in the smartphone world. Now, we know exactly its pop-up camera system works thanks to a teardown from Zol’s, which helps shine a spotlight on the unique system.

To make the pop up camera work, Oppo included an actuator that lifts the compartment that houses the cameras. Flanking the sides of the actuator are blue cables that connect the cameras to other components of the phone.

At the very edge near the frame is a blue material used to provide some cushion as the actuator moves the camera up and down.

Oppo’s engineering with the Find X is quite impressive though only time will tell how a moving mechanism within the smartphone will hold up. Given the punishment phones go through in their lifetime, it warrants concerns over how the mechanism will function after the Find X is dropped a couple of times. 

Regardless, the risk may be worth the reward with how impressive the Find X’s edge-to-edge display looks.