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If you've ever wished you could tell a company directly about the changes it could make to its software, you may want to take a look over at Oppo starting today.

Oppo announced this morning that it is launching an advisors program that will allow its users to not only test the latest builds of its ColorOS, but also have direct access with its engineers. Those that are accepted into the program will have a hand in the development of future products, and will also be eligible to win unnamed prizes.

Before you go running over to the company's site, however, do know that there are some stipulations about who will be accepted into the program. You will need to already be an active user of the Oppo forums, will need to own a Find 5 or Find 7/7a, need to be fluent in English and have a few free hours a week.

It's great to see a mobile manufacturer listening to its fans in this way. Too often it seems as though the companies pay little to no attention to the experience their users are looking for from their phones. This is a trend we could definitely get behind if more companies wanted to give it a go.


OPPO Calls for Advisors of ColorOS

OPPO Invites Their Ofans to Take Part in Innovation

SHENZHEN – May 20, 2014 – OPPO today announced that the company will be recruiting advisors for their in-house software, ColorOS. It has seen a substantial increase in users since September of 2013, amounting to 9 million globally. The advisors program will serve as a means of development for OPPO's ColorOS software optimization.


The program is designed to increase the communication between the advisors themselves and the development team within OPPO. Benefits to the advisors will include:

● Access to Beta firmwares before anyone else.
● Get in touch directly with OPPO engineers.
● Special forum title.
● Make friends with those who share the same interests all over the world.
● Be a part of the development of great products in the future. ● Prizes for outstanding advisors.

Advisors Responsibilities

Participants will be actively involved in the private testing of the beta version of ColorOS while documenting bugs and reporting to OPPO's development team. Advisors shall assist in the reproduction of the errors to expedite the advancement of ColorOS and release of version updates. Other responsibilities will include the flashing of beta firmware and participating in the recommendations for the firmware. As the medium of communications for the advisors will be based on the OPPO forums, the publication of tutorials and other threads will occur on a monthly basis.


OPPO is looking for the best talent and most passionate technology enthusiasts available. Calling on current and would be Ofans, OPPO has set the following requirements:

● Love for smartphone and mobile technology and an eagerness to try out new ROMs or share your skills with others.
● Familiarity with ColorOS and a willingness to take part in the development of it.
● Have previously reported more than 20 bugs or posted over 5 original tutorials/reviews on OPPO forums.
● Currently own an OPPO Find 5 or Find 7/7a.
● Have a few hours of free time every week. ● Able to communicate fluently in English.