The super fast Opera Mini browser was submitted to Apple's App Store in March resulting in a heated debate raging across the interwebs as to whether Apple would reject or approve a browser that competed so directly with its own Safari.  opera boldly displayed a count up timer on their site to track how long it would take Apple to rule on its admission.

The speed at which web pages are displayed in Opera Mini are a result of their own servers doing the heavy lifting, rendering the site on its own servers, compressing the page, and pushing it to your device.  Although it may duplicate "core functionality" that has resulted in apps rejections in the past (hello, Google Voice), it seems Apple's willing to let this one slide.

Go grab Opera Mini for your iPhone or iPod Touch from the App Store to experience just how fast you can browse the web, especially on Edge speeds.  You might miss put on all the pinch to zoom goodness, but you might find the speed more than makes up for it.   Once you give it a go, let us know if you're impressed!

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