The “appification” of everything online continues today with Coast, a new browser designed by Opera for the iPad. The browser, available today for iPad owners, turns surfing the Web on your tablet into an app-based experience, and looks great while doing it.

Coast turns your web browser into an Internet home screen and your favorite websites into individual apps. Icons are arranged in columns and rows across multiple pages that you can navigate through swipes. Tap on an icon and it will launch with a flashy graphic and pick up wherever you left off on that website.

Opera also included a built-in search bar, which features prominently on Coast’s home screen. Powered by Google, the search feature offers up suggestions before sending you to the search giant’s own website. There’s also built-in security, including a warning that pops up when you visit a site Coast thinks could be dangerous.

We’re still not sure if Coast will be as groundbreaking as Opera seems to think. In a short online commercial for the new iPad browser, the company focuses heavily on inspiring images and music, but doesn’t show off the actual browser. Still, we’re looking forwarding to testing it our for ourselves.