2011 Mercedes-Benz E350 CabrioletThis is getting out of hand. First Ford offers Focus ST buyers a free GoPro. Then Scion gives away a Playstation Vita with the purchase of an iQ. But what kind of automotive deal is available for the wealthy? In Florida, C1 Bank clients who deposit $1 million into a 5-year CD account get to choose from a 2012 SLK350 Roadster, 2012 E350 Sedan, 2012 ML350 SUV, or 2012 E350 Convertible.

According to the press release:

C1 Bank CEO Trevor Burgess said, “C1 Bank is offering its clients the ability to drive off in their own brand new Mercedes-Benz just for moving their money to C1 Bank. In this interest rate environment where the five year CD has an APY of 1.20% it is thrilling to change the game with the instant gratification of a spectacular Mercedes-Benz that our client will own including tax, title, and license.”

In other words, those with a spare million who long for a Mercedes are basically forgoing their five-year interest earnings for a Mercedes on the spot. After five years, the owner of the account will get back the same amount they put in. If the account owner gets cold feet, they’ll be slapped on the wrist with a $3,000 early withdrawal fee and their money back, minus the cost of the Mercedes.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pewter Partners, C1 Bank and Mercedes-Benz dealer Crown Eurocars have teamed up for one of the most ambitious banking schemes we’ve seen in the automotive world. So which Mercedes would you choose?

[Via: Autoblog]