OnStar LTE unboxing

After a little bit of teasing in the days leading up to the event, Jon Rettinger was finally able to reveal yesterday just what it was he was on his way to unbox in Michigan.

Last week two unmarked boxes were placed in San Francisco and Boston in high traffic areas and people were asked to guess what might be inside via social media using the hashtag #guesswhatsinside for a chance to win various prizes. What exactly was inside would be revealed on July 31 in a unique way.

Our own Jon Rettinger was whisked off to Ann Arbor, Michigan to do a live remote with Veronica Belmont in San Francisco and Daria Musk in Boston. The hitch being, they would be using the built-in Wi-Fi of their vehicles to connect with one another.

You can see the video for a few more days, and it's a fun look at the future of mobile technology. With Wi-Fi in just about all of our devices these days, this will be a simple way for people to connect their devices while on the go. Billy can be downloading a new game on his 3DS while Susie is posting a photo to her social account on her Wi-Fi only iPad. Data in the car may seem a bit silly at first, but the more you think about it, the more it begins to seem like a handy feature to have built directly into your car.

The new OnStar Wi-Fi option will begin showing up in 2015 model year cars, and we can't wait to give it a more in-depth look.

Our thanks to Chevrolet for the opportunity to participate in this event.