OnePlus denies that there’s a new mid-range phone in development. Recently it was reported that the brand was working on a successor to 2015’s OnePlus X, a phone that offered consumers a premium-looking experience on a budget. But the report suggested last year’s high-end specifications would be used to keep performance above other phones in the mid-range segment. It really doesn’t matter, though, as OnePlus called out select publications for circulating false information.

The news came from GizChina and TechPP, and GSMArena went ahead in sharing it with the rest of the world. Carl Pei, OnePlus co-founder and unofficial face of the brand, immediately shot down the report.

Aside from denying the report’s veracity, Pei labeled it as “fake news.” The man behind OnePlus’ efforts in the mobile industry said reports like this one pose “a huge threat to human civilization” and that everyone needs to do their part in stopping it.

Multiple people on Twitter then said, if there isn’t a OnePlus X2 on the way, there should be considering OnePlus only sells one phone that’s expensive for some.

The next major announcement from the BBK Electronics-owned brand will be the OnePlus 6. Last month it was confirmed that the 2018 flagship will debut by June, as is the case every year with OnePlus. It should have a display with 18:9 aspect ratio, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845, and a dual-camera setup. There’s even a chance it ends up on U.S. carriers’ lineups as negotiations are believed to be underway.

For now, those hoping for a mid-range phone from OnePlus will just have to keep hoping. Or they can turn to another brand like Motorola whose Moto G series always proves to be an excellent value.