The OnePlus 2 is just a few months old, but OnePlus looks set to announce another device before the end of the year. There’s already been plenty of rumors and speculation around the upcoming smartphone, and now it looks like OnePlus’ CEO may be getting in on the fun.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau sparked new interest this week with a post on Weibo, where he goes by his Chinese name Liu Zuohu. The image appears to show his running route from a recent workout, but the perfect “X” shape suggests it may be a teaser for the rumored OnePlus X.

The new smartphone (possibly called the OnePlus Mini) is expected to launch within the next month or so with a 5-inch 1080p display and mid-range specs. It could also offer a few features missing from the OnePlus 2, including expandable storage, NFC, Quick Charge 2.0, and a water-resistant design. The price appears to be hovering at around $250.

Meanwhile, the company sent out invitations for an event next week on October 12 in India, again sparking rumors that the OnePlus X could be right around the corner. However, it turns out the announcement will focus on manufacturing more devices in India, and not on a new smartphone.

The OnePlus X (or OnePlus Mini or whatever the company calls its next device) probably won’t arrive until late November or even December, though it’s likely OnePlus will start promoting the new device even sooner.