The OnePlus X should be a lot easier to buy than its predecessors, but the company is still sticking with its controversial invite system for the first month of sales. Thankfully, the Chinese-phone maker also plans to open a series of pop-up stores around the world where you’ll be able to buy the device without an invitation.

OnePlus is only planning to open eight different locations though, so for most people it probably won’t be worth the trip. Two of those—both in India—will just be an “Experience,” suggesting you won’t be able to buy the new phone. The other six are actual pop-up stores.

The first shop is set to open its doors November 2-4 in Paris at the Collete store. After that the OnePlus X is heading to London on Nov. 7, followed by Berlin (Nov. 9), Rome (Nov. 11), Hong Kong (Nov. 12) and finally Los Angeles (Nov. 21). The company’s Experience pop-ups are opening in Mumbai and New Delhi on November 2 and 3, respectively.

If you’re desperate to get your hands on the OnePlus X this may be one of the quickest options, though supplies will be limited at each location. It’s probably worth signing up for an invitation too, but in case that doesn’t work these pop-up stores sound like a good plan B.