There’s been a lot of speculation over how OnePlus will follow-up its popular flagship phone, the OnePlus One. We’ve heard rumors of a smartwatch, and last month the company revealed plans to launch a OnePlus 2 in 2015. Now it looks like the Chinese upstart could have its eyes set on an entirely new operating system. It recently met with Microsoft to discuss the potential of a OnePlus Windows Phone.

The company revealed this bit of news during a recent interview with India’s Economic Times, when it confirmed that it’s considering the idea of a Windows-powered device. “We have had discussions with Microsoft over a Windows Phone smartphone,” said OnePlus global director Carl Pei. “We are still looking into it.”

It’s unclear who approached who first, though it seems like both companies are interested in the idea. Pei didn’t reveal whether the potential Windows Phone will be a brand new phone or a variant of the OnePlus One. Microsoft took the latter strategy with the HTC One (M8) for Windows, and we’d love to see the same software running on an even bigger and more powerful handset.

Then again, the best part of the OnePlus One is the perfect integration of hardware and Cyanogen software, so maybe we’d be better of with a new device designed specifically for Windows Phone. Hopefully these talks result in a real product.

Update: OnePlus reached out to TechnoBuffalo to clarify. The company says it has no intentions of creating a Windows Phone product and that the author of the Economic Times article misunderstood Pei.