OnePlus says it’s “time for a change” on June 1. The particulars aren’t made clear, but we all know what we want to see: a new phone. A gorgeous, affordable, fast, new phone. Whether we’ll get that remains to be seen. The rumors, after all, have been all over the map.

Whatever it is the company has planned will “shake up the tech industry,” according to a cryptic Tweet. The small Chinese startup already made waves with the OnePlus One, a device that eventually became our favorite smartphone from last year. If the company can hit the same notes of power, affordability and design, there’s a good chance OnePlus will repeat last year’s feat.

The Tweet is accompanied by a OnePlus One that’s being erased (or drawn) right before our very eyes. That could indicate the company is ready to unveil what’s next, erasing the past and moving onto something better. The company has dabbled in a wide array of new accessories and products over the past few months, so anything is possible.

There have been multiple reports about a OnePlus 2, which rumors claim will be available in Q3. If we do see an announcement on June 1, perhaps we’ll see a release later that month, or in July. There are a lot of terrific Android flagships to choose from right now, but if OnePlus does indeed have intentions to announce its next smartphone, this one might be the one to wait for.

We’ll find out next Monday.