OnePlus had a hard time getting its first smartphone out the door. It promised that it was going to have plenty of supply to go around this year with the OnePlus 2, and that its invite system was going to be smoother. But it wasn’t and fans, the ones who really, really want to own a OnePlus 2, are the ones paying the price with delays and missed shipment schedules.

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei issued an apology on Thursday. “We messed up the launch of the OnePlus 2. Well, we messed up the launch of the OnePlus One as well,” Pei said, adding that the company blamed itself on being young for the first mishaps.

“With the OnePlus 2, we made rosy plans,” Pei added. “We were more confident, and prepared a lot more inventory. We told our users it would be 30-50x easier to get invites, and they needn’t worry. Yet, we only began shipping in meaningful quantities this week, nearly a month after our initial targeted shipping date. You can talk all you want, but in the end, flawless execution speaks much louder than unfulfilled promises.”

Pei said he apologizes to his fans, partners and team on behalf of OnePlus for the delay. He admitted that it will shorten the product cycle of the OnePlus 2 and that the company’s inability to ship has “caused huge reputational damage to our company.”

In an effort to appease plans, Pei said OnePlus is looking to opening up sales to everyone for a single hour, perhaps in September or October. But don’t hold your breath. Pei said that OnePlus still needs to “look into production and operations to determine when this is most feasible.”

Considering the company’s track record so far, maybe it should just focus on getting existing customers units before it opens the floodgates to all.