The OnePlus One is a pretty solid smartphone, especially considering the specs that you get for the price. Still, the company's competitors are about to announce a whole slew of new smartphones, with the Galaxy S6, the Galaxy S6 Edge, the One M9, the Xperia Z4 and the LG G4 all expected in the coming months.

It doesn't seem like OnePlus is ready to announce its new OnePlus Two smartphone just yet, rumors suggest it might not happen until the end of this year. That's OK, it gives the company a chance to take advantage of more affordable component prices as they drop, which should be good news for consumers looking for another affordable handset.

Still, I can't help but think about what OnePlus might do with its next smartphone, and what I'd like to see the company add to the successor of the OnePlus One. We do already know that OnePlus might skip Cyanogen in its next model, after a disagreement between the two companies, which means we might see OxygenOS instead of Cyanogen on the next model. What else?

Here's what I'd like to see OnePlus do later this year.

1. More customization

OnePlus originally had a plan to offer swappable rear shells for the OnePlus One, but that ended up proving too expensive for the company's business model, which relies on razor thin profit margins. I'd love to see the company try that approach again, by allowing consumers to customize the device slightly, if not quite as much as what Motorola's MotoMaker enables. The current gray/white offerings are solid, but you basically need to choose the color based on your storage size preference. I'd like to see its family expanded to include more colors – for some reason I just drool over the thought of a red OnePlus Two – and more customization on the consumer-side.

2. Quad HD

I know, I know, this seems almost impossible. Quad HD displays aren't cheap and, in fact, rumors even suggest that HTC won't include one on its new HTC One M9. That means it's even less likely that OnePlus is going to adopt this model, particularly if it wants to keep prices low. But I'd pay more for a Quad HD panel if OnePlus made it an option. I'd at least like the company to put more of a focus on the quality of the screens it uses; the display on the OnePlus One doesn't quite match up to competitors – it seems overly bright. Thankfully there's at least some evidence this might actually come to fruition.

3. Wireless charging

Please OnePlus, add wireless charging to the OnePlus One. I think it's going to become even more prevalent in smartphones this year, particularly since the two largest wireless charging standards have partnered up. That means it might be easier than ever to charge your phone in a restaurant, in an airport, or elsewhere, by simply dropping it on a wireless charging pad. OnePlus should see what it can do to enable this functionality, too. Quick Charge is a start, for sure, at least in terms of juicing up the phone quickly, but this adds a new level of convenience.

4. Larger storage options

This ties into the customization features I'd like to see added, but it builds on that even more. I think OnePlus should offer 128GB of storage on the high end unless it's able to add in expandable storage through a microSD card slot. 16GB, I'd argue, simply isn't enough storage on the low end. Once you add in the amount of space required by Android, load up a few games, movies and pictures, and you're pretty much out of space. OnePlus should at the very least move to 32GB to the low end or add a microSD card slot. Consumers will pay for that, I believe.

5. Better camera

Is it just me or does the OnePlus One have relatively a so-so camera? I think it seemed pretty solid at first, but as Samsung has introduced new models, such as the Galaxy Note 4, and Apple introduced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the camera just doesn't seem as great as other options out there. I'm not worried so much about the megapixel count, 13-megapixels seems satisfactory, but I'd like to see the module updated and the software tweaked so that we get even better photos.

Final Thoughts

Yes, I understand there's one major flaw to my wishes here. Everything that I want is going to add on to the price of the OnePlus Two. A better camera module, more memory and a Quad HD display alone seems like it would drastically increase the starting price. Still, if OnePlus launches the phone later this year, again hopefully once components are more readily available and at more affordable prices, it might be easier to execute on those upgrades. What do you want out of the OnePlus Two?