OnePlus, the company behind the now famous OnePlus One, recently sent out an e-mail teasing deals on Black Friday. In a unique spin we don't often see from other companies, the firm will allow its users to help set the price of the sales that it offers. How low will the prices go? That much we don't know yet.

"All the accessories your heart desires, including the JBL E1+ Earphones, will be available at discounted prices," OnePlus said in its e-mail. "Those prices, however, will be determined by you." The more you share your favorite accessories to Facebook, the more OnePlus says it will discount an item. Accessories include covers, screen protectors and cases.

So far the firm hasn't said if it will discount the OnePlus One smartphone – it typically either offers flash offers or invitations to buy the phone, but maybe it will surprise us come Friday.