OnePlus is king of making a big marketing splash for its devices, and this might be its most compelling promotion yet. The company is promising that customers who order the OnePlus One in Bengaluru, India will have the phone delivered within an hour. If it doesn’t arrive in that time, the phone is free.

That’s according to Mashable, which says that the goal of the campaign is to help hype of a phone that’s now a year old, and has since been replaced by the far newer OnePlus 2. The news outlet suggests OnePlus is also trying to out-hype other smartphone brands in India, including Micromax.

There aren’t many other details on how the promotion works or how the phones are delivered — by a professional service? By OnePlus employees? Who knows. But, OnePlus says that it will launch the initiative in other cities throughout India if the promotion catches on in Bengaluru.