The OnePlus One still isn’t available to the general public, but even the lucky few people who managed to score an early invitation may not receive the CyanogenMod handset as soon as originally promised. The new smartphone’s release has reportedly been delayed over security issues stemming from a last-minute software update.

News of the OnePlus One’s delay first broke out after the company began sending out emails to anyone with an invitation to order the phone. The message promises that a device has been set aside for them, but won’t ship as early as promised. OnePlus goes on to explain that it’s still working to “perfect some final issues” following a major update to the phone’s Android-based Cyanogen software.

The letter quickly found its way online, and Android fans took to Reddit to complain over “yet another OnePlus One delay.” The post eventually drew a response from Cyanogen employee Abhisek Devkota in an attempt to clarify the issue. Apparently a handful of new OpenSSL vulnerabilities were uncovered after new software went public on June 5. The company decided to correct the issue before shipping any more devices, which means pushing back the release to re-certify its firmware.

The OnePlus One may just be the most hyped Android smartphone of all time, and the fact that the company still hasn’t shipped its early invitation orders doesn’t bode well for the general release still expected to arrive this month.