OnePlus has opened up about its sales figures for the incredibly popular One smartphone for the first time, confirming that it came very close to reaching 1 million sales during 2014. Perhaps even bigger news for fans, however, is that two new handsets are on the way.

It's incredibly hard to compete in today's smartphone market, which is now immensely saturated. Even giants like Samsung are seeing sales fall. For a tiny startup with an almost non-existent marketing budget to reach close to 1 million sales with its debut device, then, that's pretty darn impressive.

What's more, OnePlus would have certainly sold even more if it could have made its phones faster, but that's not easy for a new company, which is why fans have had to endure its controversial invite system. There certainly hasn't been a lack of demand for the One — which we chose as our best smartphone as 2014 — since its debut, though.

"We basically weren't prepared for what happened," OnePlus founder Carl Pei told PC World, admitting that his company expected all of its initial demand to come from China only.

OnePlus can thank its approach to the One — which combines flagship specifications and an attractive design with a very affordable price tag — for its popularity and success. But Pei conceded that OnePlus hasn't delivered the best user experience in the U.S.

Pei blames that on the company's lack of experience, and added that OnePlus is focused on refining its operations and improving its customer service in 2015. And of course, there will be brand new handsets, too.

Pei confirmed that we can expect to see the second-generation One — thought to be called the OnePlus Two — in about six months. OnePlus is also developing a second device that will cater "to a different type of audience," Pei said. "Perhaps for those who appreciate design over specs."

We've already seen some leaked images of an alleged OnePlus One mini — a smaller version of the flagship One — but it's still unclear whether that handset is genuine, and if so whether it is still in development. We'll have to wait and see what OnePlus has up its sleeve later this year.