It’s been exactly one year since the OnePlus One was announced, and to commemorate the occasion, the Chinese startup is discounting its beloved flagship. Well, sort of.

As a “symbolic gesture,” OnePlus is cutting the price of its device by $1. Yep, $1.

That discount probably won’t sway anyone who’s on the fence about the affordable flagship killer, but what’s more important is the significance of device’s birthday. Nobody thought such a cheap phone from China could hang with the bigger, more established OEMs of the mobile world, but here we are. Even though the OnePlus is old by tech standards, it’s still one of the better smartphones on the market.

Now is actually a pretty good time to be a OnePlus One owner; fans not only have a nice update to Cyanogen OS 12 rolling out, but they also have the choice of OxygenOS, which is OnePlus’s own homebred ROM.

The $1 price drop isn’t the only sale going on; OnePlus has also discounted many of its accessories, and if you want some real geek points, you can buy one of the company’s shirts for 50 percent off. Additionally, OnePlus is holding a contest (sign up here), where four lucky winners will receive a special OnePlus One + Power Bank bundle.

OnePlus has had an up and down first year, but it’s endured through it all. Given what the company has accomplished in just 12 short months, we can’t wait to see what else OnePlus has in store moving forward.

A OnePlus 2, perhaps?