If you're still waiting for your OnePlus One to make the official jump to Android 5.0 Lollipop we have some good news. The Cyanogen-powered phone is getting its own specialized version of Google's latest mobile OS in February, according to Cyanogen founder Steve Kondik.

The news actually comes as part of a longer interview from Android Central meant to clear up the confusing power struggle between OnePlus and Micromax in India. In an effort to reassure us that Cyanogen hasn't abandoned the phone, Kondik notes that Lollipop is coming to the device next month.

"I have no idea what the future holds beyond that," he added, suggesting the two companies could potentially part ways later this year.

He also notes that Cyanogen never intended to block OnePlus from selling its phone in India. "We're stuck in the middle of a fight between OnePlus and Micromax, because we're supplying the OS to both companies," he said, noting that both phone-makers got a short exclusivity window.

The real issue for the argument may have been a lack of communication between Cyanogen and OnePlus. While the ROM-maker was off securing a new deal with Micromax, OnePlus was busy setting up plans to launch its flagship device in India. Soon afterward, the two phone-makers started to clash.

For now, the future of Cyanogen is unclear, and Kondik seems more interested in trying out new ideas than simply focusing on profits. The company has expressed interest in products ranging from software for Smart TVs to cars and wearables. While those products may still be somewhere on the horizon, at least we know Lollipop for the OnePlus One is right around the corner.