The OnePlus 2 already packs in an impressive amount of high-end technology at an affordable price, but OnePlus is still just getting started. In a recent interview, the company revealed plans to launch an even cheaper handset later this year.

Speaking to The Economic Times, OnePlus India’s general manager Vikas Agarwal confirmed plans for a more “affordable” handset. “We’re introducing a new device by the end of this year,” he said. “Diwali [November 11] would be the ideal time, but next quarter for sure.”

The company may have to sacrifice when it comes to high-end specs to push costs lower. However, the device could also offer a more stylish design focused on “lifestyle and fashion.” The price is expected to fall between $180 and $300.

The new phone is set to get a global launch, but OnePlus is clearly eyeing India as a key market for the cheaper device. The company ran into issues in the rapidly developing country last year due to conflicting rights over Cyanogen OS in the region. Since then, the Chinese upstart has shifted to using its own in-house Oxygen OS software.

OnePlus also says it plans to launch a new online store next year. Hopefully that will mean an end to its unpopular invite system and the long waits that go with it, though it doesn’t sound like the new site will be ready in time for the next OnePlus phone.