OnePlus on Monday announced that its U.S. customers will now have the option to buy one of its smartphones through installment plans. It’s a similar approach that carriers have taken recently and allows consumers to buy a new phone without spending a large chunk of money at once.

“For a long time, carriers have been masking the true price of their smartphones through subsidies, and more recently installments,” OnePlus said. “To give consumers the power to fairly compare what they’re paying at a carrier versus on, we want our customers to have access to all of the payment options they’ve come to expect.”

OnePlus said installment plans will be optional for customers who spend more than $99. The “OnePlus 2 starts at $22.60 a month for the 24-month plan,” OnePlus explained, noting that the OnePlus X starts at $16.12 with an 18-month plan. The option is backed by PayPal credit and customers can always pay off the full price of the device at any time, effectively removing any future payments.

The installment option is available beginning today. Hit the source for additional information.