What type of phone does the first lady use? In House of Cards season 4, it turns out the answer is a OnePlus 2 thanks to a product placement deal inked between Netflix and the Chinese phone-maker.

The phone was recently spotted in the hands of a fictional first lady Claire Underwood and a few other government officials after the popular show’s fourth season debuted last Friday. OnePlus previously confirmed the deal on Chinese social network Weibo. The company reportedly paid $300,000 to get both the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X onscreen.

I haven’t watched the new season myself, but it sounds like the fictional President Frank Underwood isn’t using a OnePlus phone. That makes sense since the actual U.S. commander-in-chief is still required to use a BlackBerry for the sake of national security.

OnePlus recently said it was ready to consider more “traditional marketing” and it looks like the company isn’t wasting any time. It’s possible we’ll see even more product placement, along with regular commercials and even billboards in the near future.