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The Economic Times ran a story yesterday in which a OnePlus One executive said he had held meetings with Microsoft to discuss a OnePlus Windows Phone. Those remarks were misunderstood, OnePlus told TechnoBuffalo. The company is not currently planning to release any sort of smartphone running Microsoft's mobile operating system.

"We have no plans to make a Windows phone," OnePlus told TechnoBuffalo in a statement Wednesday morning. "Carl was speaking to the fact that we want to offer as much choice as possible to our users and pointed to an example of once speaking with Microsoft about potentially having Windows as a choice to install on the One." The Economic Times suggested that OnePlus global director Carl Pei had recently met with Microsoft in regards to Windows Phone discussions and that the company was still looking into a partnership. 

While we would love to see more handsets from OnePlus, it looks like a device running Windows Phone isn't on the horizon right now.