The hints coming from OnePlus haven’t exactly been subtle; the company is set to announce some sort of gaming controller, or maybe even some type of mini Android console, right?

Ahead of a “game-changing” announcement in April, OnePlus’s Carl Pei may have completely revealed what the company is up to, and it’s not what you think. During a recent Reddit AMA, Pei posted an image that seemingly confirms OnePlus is working on a…drone?

Dubbed the DR-1, the company is apparently looking to break away from its current mobile focus and diversify its young portfolio. While no big details about the device have been revealed, we can probably expect it to be cheap.

Although this is coming straight from Pei, we’re still being cautious. The company hasn’t really dabbled outside of the smartphone world, but, honestly, a drone doesn’t sound all that unbelievable. However, this is OnePlus we’re talking about, the same company that has partaken in some wild marketing antics before. And why would OnePlus release all these teasers only for Pei to reveal what it is on Reddit?

Drones are becoming increasingly popular among consumers, so now’s the time to get into the market. That’s assuming Pei isn’t yanking our chain; he could be trying to trick us. April Fools is around the corner after all. We’ll hold off on calling this official until OnePlus shares more information.

OnePlus drone