OnePlus hinted it might soar into the drone market, and the company has seemingly confirmed that news via Vine. Last week, co-founder Carl Pei let slip that the Chinese startup was prepping something completely different, pointing to a number of teasers saying it would be a game changer. A lot of early speculation thought it might be some sort of gaming controller, but now we finally know that's not the case at all.

We still don't know how it'll change the market, but OnePlus says the DR-1 will fly into the online store next month.

None of the important details were revealed, like price or specs. But OnePlus is still maintaining that its drone is something special; how it'll differ from the competition (other than on price) is unclear. The company has a tendency to do things a little differently, so we're expecting a fun surprise once all the major details are unveiled. The Vine doesn't really give us much, and, to be honest, we're still a little skeptical this isn't some elaborate joke.

Be that as it may, drones have become increasingly popular over the past several months, though you have to spend quite a bit to really enjoy what the market has to offer. We're hoping OnePlus is going to offer a high quality, low-price option, just as it did with its OnePlus One smartphone. The company has dabbled outside of the smartphone market before, and it looks it wants to expand even further to ensure it's not a one-hit wonder.