It doesn’t sound like we’ll see the OnePlus 2 until much, much later in the year. But OnePlus, a maverick in the hoity-toity mobile world, is teasing something new for next week. The company posted an invite for an event happening on April 20, but there’s no indication as to what it’s for. Below the image, OnePlus has a caption saying “anything could happen.” Anything.

We’ve already seen the company dabble outside of the world of mobile, introducing a portable battery and even a drone. What’s next? An action camera? A set-top box? A smartwatch?

One of its rivals in China, Xiaomi, introduced a cheap GoPro competitor last month, so perhaps we’ll see something along those lines. With OnePlus, it’s never easy to predict what the company is going to do next. We never expected a drone, but now we have one. Same goes for OxygenOS.

What are your predictions? We could be making a bigger deal of it than it actually is. But when OnePlus says “anything could happen,” it piques our interest. My hope is that we see a OnePlus 2, or the cheaper model that’s been rumored.