Phones are what OnePlus is known for, but it could release an accessory that rivals one of Apple’s biggest hits. The brand wants to take on the AirPods. There appears to be a pair of wireless earbuds in development, which should launch alongside the OnePlus 6. While nothing has been confirmed by OnePlus, it does seem likely given wireless earbuds belonging to the brand recently received Bluetooth certification.

The OnePlus 6 won’t be ditching the headphone jack. Don’t worry, that’s been revealed by OnePlus already. Still, OnePlus could announce wireless earbuds as the AirPods alternative everyone with an Android phone has been waiting for since the Pixel Buds don’t cut it.

When announced, the product could be called the OnePlus Bullets Wireless. That’s what the listing on the Bluetooth SIG’s website indicates. And it makes sense since OnePlus already sells earbuds with “Bullets” in the name. The next logical step for the brand is to roll out wireless earbuds as the rest of the industry is making the shift to ditch physical connections.

Beyond its name, little else is known about these wireless earbuds. But you should expect the OnePlus Bullets Wireless to be on the affordable side. The AirPods are $159, and OnePlus’ accessories haven’t ever come across as expensive.

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless should, of course, work with any Android device. It’s entirely possible they work flawlessly with the iPhone as well. OnePlus will just be using the accessory as a way to increase revenue alongside its next flagship. For years, the brand’s focused so much on phones but hasn’t built a larger portfolio.

If we had to guess, OnePlus’ wireless earbuds will cost around $99.