Earlier this week, OnePlus announced its highly anticipated OnePlus 6T, the follow up to the already impressive OnePlus 6. OnePlus improved its flagship in some important ways by adding an in-display fingerprint scanner and nearly eliminating the notch. It made us wonder, what if OnePlus completely eliminated the notch with its next phone?

Graphic designer Ben Geskin imagined this very same idea and conjured up a concept that visualizes what the OnePlus 7 could look like without a notch, and it looks absolutely stunning.

How could a notch be completely deleted? By incorporating the front-facing camera into the display.

In the concept, the only blemish is the camera hidden at the very top of the display, but it almost gets lost. It’s certainly a better alternative to the notch. Better yet, this returns the symmetry of smartphone displays that the notch ruined.

In addition to the in-screen camera, the rest of the display looks similar to the current OnePlus 6T. The side bezels are very narrow and the bottom chin has been reduced even more. It’s a beautiful, even finish no other phone other than the iPhone XS (minus the notch) has been able to create.

If this is the OnePlus 7, the Galaxy S10 and any other flagships of 2019 won’t stand a chance.