OnePlus’ next flagship stands out with an in-display fingerprint scanner. The groundbreaking feature might not be so mainstream at the moment, but it should start appearing on several high-end phones in the coming months. Now we’re learning about how OnePlus discovered the technology and decided to implement it.

It’s called Screen Unlock, making a global debut on the OnePlus 6T this fall. Pete Lau, who leads OnePlus, published a blog post discussing how it works and why users will love it.

The interaction between an individual and his/her phone continues at all hours the day. With that said, OnePlus wanted an alternative for immediate access to a mobile device. Screen Unlock can accomplish that in an intuitive, responsive, and secure method. It takes just a natural tap.

Aside from attaching a module to the display’s interior side, the brand called on several hardware and software components.

OnePlus has an optical fingerprint module, offering a lens that registers a fingerprint as the user presses down on the glass. For the OnePlus 6T, there will also be a ‘Trust Zone’ that maintains confidentiality and doesn’t send a unique fingerprint anywhere. Your fingerprint shouldn’t be vulnerable in any capacity.

Furthermore, OnePlus was successful in its effort to drop milliseconds from the unlock time. Screen Unlock learns to understand a user’s fingerprint and placement better through extended use.

Here’s what Lau said in closing:

“We believe innovation is about pushing the limits of technology with our users. This is the OnePlus way. Thank you for guiding us in creating an experience that is at once fast, intuitive, and convenient. I cannot wait for you to experience Screen Unlock on the OnePlus 6T.

We don’t know when exactly the OnePlus 6T goes official, but it should arrive in October or November. We’ll be on the lookout for more blog posts, leaks, and information on this flagship.