OnePlus has acknowledged that a new flagship is near. The brand posted its first teaser for the OnePlus 6, its high-end release for 2018, on Monday.

It’s wise for OnePlus to start spreading the word that a new phone is on the way. As of late, we’ve seen a rise in the number of leaks and rumors involving the OnePlus 6. The phone just hasn’t stayed hidden until OnePlus makes an announcement. Aside from being caught on camera, the phone’s specifications have appeared online more than once.

To be honest, the teaser doesn’t reveal much. It’s a six-second clip with particles flowing around as “The Speed You Need” flashes. If anything, we can take that phrase as the OnePlus 6’s slogan.

The launch date wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the teaser on social media, but we should be learning that pretty soon. OnePlus likes building up hype more than most. Unlike previous years, however, the latest flagship won’t be announced in June. Expect to see the OnePlus 6 in April or May.