The OnePlus 6 hasn’t been released but somehow we know just about everything about it. From its design to its specs, most of the major details have been revealed, including the fact that i has a dreaded notch. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau is trying to quell customer anger by looking at the bright side, and that side just happens to hide the notch via software.

Lau revealed in the company’s forums that users will be able to hide the OnePlus 6’s notch through software. It is a similar feature to what Huawei has in its P20 line, and something LG may include in its next flagship. Instead of prominently featuring the notch, a black bar will fill the extra space beside the notch. The update to remove the notch for the OnePlus 6 will come after it is released.

Android users have been outspoken about their dislike for the notch, but it isn’t stopping manufacturers from including it. As users have pointed out, they’d rather take slightly bigger bezels than a notch. Users will just have to hide the notch if they hate it that much.

Although we know most of the details surrounding the OnePlus 6, what we don’t know is when it’ll arrive. OnePlus usually releases a major flagship in June, but given the recent divulgement of details, it looks as if it’ll arrive much sooner.