Now it’s official. While a detailed announcement is still weeks or maybe even months away, OnePlus just confirmed something major about its next flagship.

The OnePlus 6 will indeed ship with a notch at the top of its display. Everyone knows the decision will be met with severe criticism by the time the phone arrives, but OnePlus believes it’s doing the notch better than anyone else. In an interview with The Verge, co-founder Carl Pei revealed the reasoning behind the notch and how big it’ll actually be.

OnePlus also provided an image of the notch, which you can see here:

Notches aren’t getting positive feedback from critics and consumers unless they’re talking about the iPhone X. Apple’s latest iPhone was the first mainstream product to ship with the feature, and now a large number of Android manufacturers are hopping aboard the hype train. OnePlus, though, isn’t implementing a notch to just copy a popular competitor. The brand would like you to know it’s using a notch to give users more screen real estate.

On this phone, the notch will measure 19.6mm x 7.7mm. When the OnePlus 6 hits the market, it’ll have one of the smallest notches in the world. OnePlus took a jab at Essential, who’s PH-1 includes a notch storing the front-facing camera alone. Apparently going that small affects the quality of the earpiece, front-facing camera, ambient light sensor.

The notch on the OnePlus 6 also doesn’t have to be as large as the iPhone X’s. OnePlus doesn’t have any interest in using a complex system for facial recognition. Its flagship will have the feature but not with as many cameras and sensors.

Pei commented on what’s going into OnePlus’ notch:

“We don’t feel the need to have structured light on our phones. Our notch, it will be there. It will be bigger than the Essential Phone, smaller than the iPhone.”

Not all apps are playing nice with the design choice, though Android P will change that on a system level later this year. OnePlus has tested 1,000 apps to tailor compatibility. And the brand intends to offer iPhone X-like gestures as an alternative to on-screen navigation buttons.

Interestingly, OnePlus wouldn’t reveal that the OnePlus 6 will be called the OnePlus 6. With a radically new look and feel expected, maybe the brand wants to shake up its approach to naming.

OnePlus didn’t say when the OnePlus 6 will launch, either. But we have to assume it’s going to be a lot sooner than the usual June timeframe. The OnePlus 6 has been appearing in leaks left and right already, meaning the phone’s arrival can’t be too far off.