OnePlus would like to announce its next flagship in full detail at a launch event, but just having something scheduled won’t stop leaks from surfacing online. If there’s information discovered early, it’s bound to come out. That’s what seems to have happened here with a live shot of the OnePlus 6.

While the phone isn’t set to be announced for a few more weeks, a new leak exposes the phone’s appearance from the front.

Here’s the live shot of an alleged OnePlus 6, which was obtained by TechTastic:

The 2018 flagship, shown with a notch at the top of its edge-to-edge display, is being stored in some type of holder. It’s likely the plastic tray that the OnePlus 6 sits in before getting unboxed. But we do have a clean look at the OnePlus 6’s front. Beyond having a notch, there are on-screen navigation buttons and OxygenOS present.

Just one thing about the design in this particular leak is worth calling out. There’s no doubt the bezels will be slim on every side, but don’t expect them to be nearly as thin as what the image shows. OnePlus’ enclosure appears to be covering up a bit.

So when is the OnePlus 6 going official? In a little less than three weeks. OnePlus is hosting a launch event for the high-end phone on Wednesday, May 16.

Fans are invited to attend the launch event alongside members of the media, which is more proof that OnePlus just loves its loyal customers that spread the brand’s reach. OnePlus always relies on them to create buzz on social media, and that’ll be very important this year if the price of the OnePlus 6 turns out to be unusually expensive.