OnePlus started teasing its 2018 flagship recently, and the leaks keep coming. But there’s still nothing regarding its launch and release. The OnePlus 6 could launch today or next week. Until OnePlus says something firm, we just don’t know.

Since there have been so many leaks as of late and the brand also confirmed a handful of details, it would appear that the OnePlus 6 is set to launch earlier than any of its predecessors. OnePlus normally makes its flagships official in June. The OnePlus 6, however, is believed to arrive in April or May.

Backing up the spring unveiling is a leaked promotional poster. OnePlus, according to the item spotted by GizChina, is going with early May for the debut of the OnePlus 6.

Here’s the image going around:

The promotional poster indicates OnePlus will make its next flagship official on Saturday, May 5. It’s very unusual for anything to be announced on a weekend; however, the leak is in Chinese. What that means is, for those in the United States and other countries, the OnePlus 6 could be made official the day before due to time differences.

Another thought we’re having is that this leak is totally off, but maybe it’s for a standalone event in China taking place days after the global launch.

When it’s official, the OnePlus 6 will certainly stand out for the brand. OnePlus is embracing the notch craze and packing high-end components inside its phone. But that will also drive up the price. Over the years, OnePlus has quietly raised the price of its phones in an effort to get to this point. It could turn out to be a move that alienates its fans who have long looked to OnePlus for flagships that aren’t crazy-expensive.

The future of OnePlus is certainly among the more interesting stories to follow this year. BBK Electronics, its parent company, is setting up the OnePlus 6 to compete directly against Apple’s iPhone X and Samsung’s Galaxy S9.