OnePlus hasn’t done anything major this year, but that’s because the brand normally waits until the middle of the year to announce new hardware. The OnePlus 6 should be no different. Just like almost all of its predecessors, the 2018 flagship should debut sometime in June. So there shouldn’t be any concern that the OnePlus 6 hasn’t been popping up in the rumor mill lately.

This week we are getting an idea of what OnePlus 6 could be like. An alleged unit leaked online, and it shows some key qualities for OnePlus’ next release.

Whomever got their hands on the alleged OnePlus 6 snapped photos of both the front and the back. The two sides show several changes compared to the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T, which debuted in 2017.

The OnePlus 6 shown in the leak reveals a front very similar to Apple’s iPhone X. Aside from having an edge-to-edge display with rounded corners, it seems OnePlus will implement a notch at the top. Information for time, notifications, network, and battery life would also be stored to the left and right sides of the notch.

Around the back, OnePlus could switch from aluminum to glass. That’d be a major change since OnePlus has always stuck with metal for durability. Also, the dual-camera setup has been rotated to be vertical and sits in the center above the LED flash and fingerprint scanner.

With a leak like this, it’s very important to understand the likelihood of the images being fake. Often there are prototypes of knockoffs that surface online and don’t represent the truth. Still, this does align closely with what we’d expect OnePlus to do with its upcoming flagship. There are changes made, but it still comes across as a OnePlus-made product.

OnePlus should begin teasing the OnePlus 6 in two or three months, much closer to when an actual announcement comes. We’ll know a lot more about the OnePlus 6 once Oppo, a sibling brand, announces its own flagship for this year.