Welcome, OnePlus 6. There isn’t an official announcement to share, but mobile industry insider Evan Blass just gave the world its very first look at the 2018 flagship from OnePlus.

The insider first let his 400,000+ followers on Twitter know he had an image of the phone, taking a poll to see if there was any interest in seeing it. To no one’s surprise, the results were overwhelmingly in favor of exposing the OnePlus 6. So that’s exactly what he did sometime later.

Here’s the tweet revealing the OnePlus 6:

The leak shows a OnePlus 6 from behind, but the shot is angled so that we can see part of the side and the bottom as well. It looks like the OnePlus 6 will be in both metal and wood varieties. OnePlus has always used metal for the back panel, but this phone has one made of wood. Of course, though, the frame is still aluminum.

Blass didn’t mention specifications, but those have appeared in several leaks before. The OnePlus 6 should ship with a 6.3-inch Full HD+ (2280×1080) AMOLED display, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845, up to 8GB of RAM, up to 256GB of storage, 20MP and 16MP rear cameras, and a 3450mAh battery.

OnePlus has been quiet about teasing the phone. All we can count on is the brand continuing to pack high-end specs into a simple-looking phone that runs software close to stock Android.

With so many leaks already occurring, it now seems likely that OnePlus will introduce its next flagship a lot sooner than usual. The OnePlus 6 could come a month or two earlier than June, which is when the brand normally does major launches. Because other companies have delayed making their own flagships official, OnePlus might see an opening for the OnePlus 6 to experience a surge in sales as an alternative.