OnePlus just released the second teaser for its upcoming 2018 flagship. The first, which we saw last week on social media, was only meant to put the OnePlus 6 on our radar. With its latest teaser, OnePlus is ready to reveal some of what you can expect the phone to look like.

Several leaks have already indicated what’s on the way. Nonetheless, this is still impressive as OnePlus is going ahead in unveiling part of its soon-to-be-official phone. Leaks are great, but there’s nothing better than getting information directly from the brand behind the product. And OnePlus doesn’t normally show it’s stuff even in teasers prior to launch.

Here’s the teaser image, which OnePlus let loose on social media to much fanfare:

What makes this teaser so great is the trickery. OnePlus knows it shouldn’t give away everything at once, so there’s a shadow cast over most of last year’s OnePlus 5T. Underneath is where you’ll find the OnePlus 6 but almost nothing is visible. The OnePlus 6 should resemble last year’s flagship from behind anyway. Both have a dual-camera setup and a fingerprint scanner positioned above OnePlus’ logo.

It’s the front where you’ll definitely pick up on major differences between the OnePlus 6 and all of its predecessors. OnePlus confirmed a few weeks ago that there will be a notch at the top of its display.

The teaser image does, by the way, align with mobile industry insider Evan Blass’ leak from late last month.

OnePlus didn’t include a launch date in its most recent teaser. The OnePlus 6 could make its global debut early next month, though. Going by a leaked promotional poster, the OnePlus 6 will be introduced on May 5. The release date for the OnePlus 6 could follow as soon as a week or two later.