Now that it’s official, you’re probably deciding whether or not you should drop hundreds of dollars on the OnePlus 6. It doesn’t seem like an iffy choice for your next phone. OnePlus packed a ton of high-end technology inside this 2018 flagship. If you do pull the trigger and pick up a OnePlus 6, make sure to consider some of OnePlus’ accessories as well.

The brand actually sells a bunch of different bundles including the essentials and other products that’ll enhance your OnePlus 6.

Here are the accessory bundles OnePlus is selling for its latest flagship.

Ultimate Bundle

The Ultimate Bundle gives you a case, a screen protector, and wired earbuds. While the screen protector is standard and doesn’t obstruct your phone’s notch, the other two accessories offer some choice.

It’s a nylon-made case that’s pre-selected for you, but you can pay extra for a carbon fiber-made or ebony wood-made case. OnePlus isn’t forcing a specific case onto you. Meanwhile, the Bullets are offered in black or white. The latter style has gold accents to add a hint of class.

OnePlus includes a Dash Charge-enabled wall adapter and cable with its phones; therefore, you might be able to settle for this bundle. It includes protection for the front, back, and sides. Then you’re also getting earbuds that use the OnePlus 6’s headphone jack. If you’re someone who hates the idea of having to charge wireless earbuds or headphones, the Ultimate Bundle is a no-brainer.

You get a whole lot of protection and a little bit of entertainment. It’s more than likely you already planned on getting a case and a screen protector, so the Ultimate Bundle is a potential one-stop purchase.

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Total Protection Bundle

Phones aren’t indestructible, and OnePlus’ latest flagship probably can’t take a drop with as much grace as you’d hope. The OnePlus 6 in Midnight Black should fare better than the Mirror Black variety; however, neither are going to appreciate smacking the ground without any protection.

The Total Protection Bundle provides you with a protective case and screen protector, so you don’t have to be terrified if your OnePlus 6 takes a blow to its body or display.

Aside from being stuck with a standard black-trimmed screen protector, you get to choose between the Karbon case and OnePlus’ classic Sandstone. The Sandstone will make your OnePlus feel like the brand’s early devices, still shielding that precious hardware from drops and scratches.

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Dual Protection Bundle

OnePlus will let you pick up two cases in one bundle. The Dual Protection Bundle includes a protective case and a silicone case or flip cover case. Karbon and Sandstone are your choices for the protective case while the silicone case is red and the flip cover case is black.

Like switching up the appearance of your phone? This bundle is calling your name. The Karbon and Sandstone cases are durable, and the silicone and flip cover cases are about looks. So you have two cases for different scenarios.

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3D Rhythm Bundle

OnePlus’ 3D Rhythm Bundle is straightforward. Along with a screen protector, you’re getting the brand’s wired earbuds.

The Bullets, which come in black or white, weigh just 2 grams but feature decent sound quality. OnePlus explains that the light nature of them “helps reduce distortion by cavity resonance and allows for more natural sound reproduction.” Just plug them into your OnePlus 6, and now you have crisp audio fed directly into your ears.

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Prime Bundle

Your OnePlus 6 deserves the very best, and the Prime Bundle gives you everything necessary to have a complete experience.

OnePlus throws in a bumper case, a tempered glass screen protector, the Bullets wired earbuds, and an additional Fast Charge wall adapter with a USB-C cable. There’s really nothing more you could ask for from OnePlus.

You’re still getting to make decisions for this bundle. The case and earbuds need to have their colors picked, and OnePlus also lets you pay a little extra for a longer USB-C cable.

The Prime Bundle supplies the accessories you normally purchase in the days, weeks, and months after getting a new phone. OnePlus, though, makes it easy to get your phone and its accessories at the same time. Your phone will always be protected, charged, and ready for entertainment with the contents of the Prime Bundle for the OnePlus 6.

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Power On The Go Bundle

OnePlus introduced the Power On The Go Bundle as a newbie for 2018, and it’s definitely worth your attention. The car charger isn’t ordinary. It boasts OnePlus’ Dash Charge technology so that your OnePlus 6 charges as fast as possible in the car. While most car chargers supply juice at a sluggish pace, this accessory should get your phone topped off rather quickly.

There’s also a USB-C OTG cable tossed in as well. It has a USB-C connector and a standard USB port for simple use with any device.

Even if the on-the-go cable was absent, the Power On The Go Bundle is worth it for the car charger alone. OnePlus has proven its Dash Charge technology to be way ahead of the competition.

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