While you wait for it to be released in a few days, enjoy the official wallpapers that are shipping on the OnePlus 5T.

Hampus Olsson, the Swedish designer living in India, is back again to create wallpapers for OnePlus’ latest phone. Since the OnePlus 5T is so similar to the OnePlus 5 from earlier this year, he only designed five exclusive choices. Each of them is custom-made for the the display that has 18:9 aspect ratio; therefore, it’ll also fit perfectly on phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG V30.

Here’s how the wallpapers are described:

“The default wallpaper is greatly vibrant, a swirl, full of color. The remaining four gallery wallpapers explore more experimental styles, from light to dark so that you have a good selection to choose from.”

If you go to Hampus Olsson’s site, you can download different versions of each wallpaper. The designer has standard resolution, 4K resolution, and a version with “Never Settle” stamped on it. There’s even a .zip file on his site that lets you grab everything at once.

Just choose which one you want and you’ll instantly add a fresh look to your current phone.