Apple’s iPhone X is an excellent product. It’s beautiful, and it’s quick. The iPhone X, like its predecessors, benefits greatly from the same company making both hardware and software. But there’s one Android phone in particular that appears to have bested the speed of the latest iPhone. The OnePlus 5T might just be the fastest phone on the planet.

A speed test performed by EverythingApplePro exposes that, despite featuring a new A11 Bionic processor, the iPhone X isn’t quite as fast as OnePlus’ second flagship released in 2017.

Inside the OnePlus 5T is a Qualcomm-made Snapdragon 835 that was introduced more than six months ago. There’s also a big difference in RAM for these two. The iPhone X has 3GB of RAM, but OnePlus raises that 6GB or 8GB depending on the model.

The results from the speed test are clear: the OnePlus 5T is faster than the iPhone X. That doesn’t mean Apple’s $999 device is slow, however. A speed test between iOS and Android devices isn’t entirely fair because they don’t use the same brand of processors nor do they have same mobile operating system. So of course the way in which they run will be noticeably different. Still there’s no taking away from OnePlus’ victory here.

What makes the OnePlus 5T faster than the iPhone X and other Android devices is OxygenOS. The in-house software that sits above Android is light and clean. It’s not nearly as overbearing as Samsung’s Experience or HTC’s Sense overlays. While closely resembling stock Android, OxygenOS adds only a few things to improve the overall experience for users.

Again, don’t worry about the iPhone X losing this speed test. Apple’s done plenty to make sure its premium iPhone offers the best experience around. And, if you own another Android phone, maybe the speed test tells you it’s time to take OnePlus seriously.