OnePlus has already confirmed it’s working to ensure the OnePlus 5 features a fantastic camera. The company also teased some new color options. Now, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau is confirming a few more details about the device, including the inclusion of a Snapdragon 835 processor.

According to Lau, the Snapdragon 835 chip will provide the OnePlus 5 with “smooth, powerful, and efficient performance.”

Lau adds, “With graphically-demanding apps, for example, you’ll notice how fast they load and how well they run.”

Combine that with an expected 6GB of RAM, and the OnePlus 5 should be among the most powerful smartphones on the market—if not the most powerful. But Lau notes that powerful specs don’t make phones great (though they certainly don’t hurt). Optimized performance does.

“One of the main areas we wanted to improve was touch latency,” Lau said. “Our engineers tested why scrolling occasionally differed between phones. There wasn’t a lot of precedent for them to work with—no benchmarks, no industry case studies to learn from. So we used a special high-speed camera to track screen movements and measure input speeds.”

As a result of their strenuous testing, Lau promises that touch latency problems experienced by past OnePlus devices are gone.

Finally, Lau said there will be a new feature in OxygenOS that better manages how apps perform. Apps you use a lot will be ready to go when the OnePlus 5 is turned on, while less frequently used app won’t affect performance.

OnePlus has already confirmed the OnePlus 5 will launch this summer, and considering how eager the company is to share details about the device, an announcement should come very soon.