We are two weeks away from OnePlus' long-awaited OnePlus 5 reveal. Thankfully, the company is holding a live event instead of its traditional virtual reality event so everyone can tune in live to see the reveal without any crazy cardboard headsets.

It seems that OnePlus' teasers revealed some blurry details about the upcoming flagship. However, teasers are here to spill the beans and tell us what's the upcoming OnePlus is all about. And today we are happy to bring you three new leaks!

1- RAM, RAM and more RAM

A new leak by Evan Blass claims that OnePlus 5 is coming with Snapdragon 835 clocked at 2.35 GHZ, and 8GB of RAM. Yeah, that's double the Samsung Galaxy S8, and the same amount of memory of the base MacBook Pro model. All we hope for is some great RAM management software in Oxygen OS away from last year's RAM controversy when software limited memory usage to just 4GB of the 6GB OnePlus 3 that they fixed in a later update.

2- Finally, a Signature Red OnePlus

One thing you'd expect from the red colored company is a red variant for the upcoming OnePlus 5. OnePlus has been shipping its smartphones in red boxes with beautiful red charging cables since the first OnePlus One. A leak on Weibo shows us the OnePlus 5 in five different colors. To be exact, after examining this leak, we can see that it can be just a hue change in Photoshop, but regardless of its origin, this is what the phone might look like in its signature red and a blue tone that oddly look similar to Google Pixel's "Really Blue" color regardless of the odd button placement in the leak.

3- A bright shot in the night

Finally, A new post by OnePlus CEO Pete Lau shows us a night shot by OnePlus 5's dual camera setup on Weibo. The company has been confirmed to be teaming up with DxO to enhance camera quality on the flagship device and this photo shows us some great details at night which means that the new camera should have a lower aperture compared to its predecessors. The rather grainy sky in the background leads us to believe that the camera's ISO has been cranked up to its highest value, I'd personally rather lower it to sacrifice brighter photos in order to have less noise and grain.

The same photo also confirms that the camera setup sports a 16 mega pixel sensor, as to recent rumors point that the second camera will be a monochrome sensor similar to the camera on the Huawei P10 series.

Till now, other than the third leak, OnePlus did not confirm any of the given leaks, so we'd like you to take what you just read with a grain of salt. One way to find out is to wait and see the real deal on June 20. OnePlus also said that it will release exclusive information regarding its new flagship on the new OP5 newsletter that you can sign up for here.

Which of the leaks you hope is true? leave us a comment below!