The OnePlus 5's "jelly effect" issue pales in comparison to the latest bug discovered by users. According to an alarming thread on Reddit, a glitch is preventing some OnePlus 5 owners from reaching emergency services—something that is profoundly, deeply worrying.

Apparently, when a user dials 911 (or 999 in the U.K.), the device will reboot. Obviously, that's a major problem for OnePlus—but, more importantly, it's an issue for whomever owns a OnePlus 5. Not being able to contact first responders in an emergency situation could lead to disaster.

OnePlus has acknowledged the issue in a statement to TheVerge, saying it is working on a fix. The company goes on to say that anyone who is experiencing the issue needs to get in touch with OnePlus support.

Not every OnePlus 5 device appears to be affected. But even if one OnePlus 5 owner can't get in touch with emergency services that is one too many.

Anytime a new device is released, problems are bound to appear. Hopefully, OnePlus can wrangle this one before something seriously bad happens.