Confusion hit the internet today as it looked as though OnePlus would be reinstating its dreaded invite system for purchasing its phones.

Good news, it's not.

The Indian version of the OnePlus website posted information about its launch event, but in the wording it mentioned "invite code" which immediately made people think of the way the company sold its original phones. When the OnePlus One hit the market, you needed an invite at first to order one to help the company control its production flow. While it helped OnePlus, it became a pain point for consumers and seeing anything indicating that it might return is enough to send panic through the OnePlus fan base.

Luckily the system has become a thing of the past, but that wording on the site definitely was enough to make one wonder.

We reached out to OnePlus for comment, and luckily a spokesperson got back to us within moments.

That is referring to an invite to our Indian launch event. The OnePlus 5 will be available to all, invite free.

We don't disagree that the wording certainly indicated the return of the OnePlus invite system, but luckily it does appear that you can set aside those fears and get pumped for the OnePlus 5 still.