The OnePlus 5 has received another firmware update. This time, the upgrade (OxygenOS 4.5.3) transports fixes for a number of bugs early adopters of the handset were experiencing, including a patch for the Expanded Screenshot feature and several optimizations for the default Camera application.

On Monday, OnePlus started rolling out a separate update (OxygenOS 4.5.2) for the OnePlus 5, which was also designed to improve the stability of the operating system by bundling patches for various connectivity options, like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Here’s the changelog for today’s release:

Bug Fixes

  • Expanded Screenshot display issue
  • Google Translate stutters
  • Occasional Wi-Fi drops


  • System stability
  • Camera effect and stability
  • Effects of auto-brightness adjustment
  • Accuracy of data usage statistics

OnePlus is off to a great start

OnePlus is off to a great start ensuring its latest smartphone is running smoothly, but let’s hope it remains as committed in the coming months as manufacturers tend to cool off when sales start to stagnate.