As the rumors suggested—and our renders portrayed—the OnePlus 5 looks set to include a dual-camera setup. Android Authority on Thursday published a photo of the device's packaging, which confirms the new feature.

Couple the dual camera with the fact that OnePlus has partnered with DxO, and consumers can probably expect to see some fantastic pictures.

OnePlus has teased the device's camera quality over the past few weeks, suggesting it'll produce pictures on a par with the Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel. While today's look doesn't give us a look at the device itself, we at least know it'll feature an upgraded camera.

Dual Camera. Clearer Photos.

That's allegedly the "official tagline" of the OnePlus 5, according to Android Authority's source. Judging by the company's very public partnership with DxO and official tagline, it's clear OnePlus wants to focus on making the OnePlus 5's camera the best it can be.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has already confirmed the OnePlus 5 will feature a Snapdragon 835 chip and it's very possible it'll also come equipped with 6GB of RAM, which we saw in the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T.

If OnePlus can nail the camera, then it could have a bonafide hit on its hands. Android Authority surmises the OnePlus 5 will feature an RGB sensor and monochrome sensor, which we saw in Andy Rubin's Essential Phone this week.

The OnePlus 5 has been confirmed to launch this summer, so it won't be long until we know more.