Responding to a comment over on Reddit, OnePlus revealed that it will roll out an update to equip the 4K video recording mode on the OnePlus 5 with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS). There’s no word on when exactly the upgrade will start making the rounds, but we’re guessing that it’ll arrive within the next two-to-three weeks.

OnePlus was always planning on bringing EIS to the OnePlus 5, reports GSMArena. However, the team tasked with developing the feature failed to have it ready in time, and instead of pushing out an incomplete feature, decided to shift their focus over to improving the stability of the Full HD recording mode and the front-facing camera.

OnePlus has morphed into a reputable company

If that’s not a sign of an ambitious startup morphing into a reputable company, we don’t know what is. Honestly, if the OnePlus 5 launched back in 2015, OnePlus probably would have bundled an incomplete version of the feature on the handset, then dismissed the fact it didn’t work properly.

Oh, how the times have changed.